Low Vision Support Service

If you are unsure about how to use your Low Vision Aid (LVA) in the most effective way or would like to learn more about the range of LVAs available, such as magnifiers and lighting, contact us for a free assessment and demonstration at our Resource Centre in Morpeth.

We can explain the advantages of the various types of magnifiers for specific tasks inside and outside the home and demonstrate the importance of effective lighting to aid you with your vision.

We have a range of devices, including:

  • Pocket, handheld and stand magnifiers

  • Magnifier lamps

  • Task lamps/ lighting

  • Video magnifiers

  • Binoculars / monoculars

  • Computer software for screen magnification and screen reading

For more information and advice about this service or to book an appointment, please contact us or call 01670 514316.